Peer Fitness and
Injury Prevention Program

The Fire Foundation’s Peer Fitness and Injury Prevention program support of physical health of our Firefighters. Through improved fitness and training, we can help reduce injuries and absenteeism. The Fire Foundation funds training and education for Firefighters from over 12 regional fire agencies.

Firefighting is a hazardous profession that often requires strenuous work in dynamic and unpredictable environments.

Firefighters and emergency medical services (EMS) employees have been shown to be at higher risk of non-fatal injury than most other U.S. workers

The Fire Foundation has extensively researched peer fitness and currently trains, certifies, and re-certifies firefighters as Peer Fitness Trainers. We help local fire agencies assist their respective departments in developing and maintaining fitness programs designed to meet the numerous physical demands faced by first responders.

The financial support we receive for the Peer Fitness and Injury Prevention helps us improve and expand our program to more Firefighters. Our goal is to extend the program to all 1,800 firefighters and minimize injuries and risk to our first responders.


The Peer Fitness and Injury Prevention program is designed to meet the unique health and fitness needs of the 1,800 firefighters serving more than 1 million residents of the metropolitan Tucson area.

By implementing a “train the trainer” program that is is taught at intensive workshops across the nation, we’re able to more effectively train our firegighes and help ensure that oru First Responders are prepared as poosible.


We’re proactively encouraging our Firefighters to take advantage of confidential and no cost wellness and counseling services. We’re also creating a new online assessment for PTSD and other symptoms that are increasingly common among firefighters, first responders, and their families.

At the same time, the Foundation is actively working to lower the stigma associated with PTSD and encourage our first responders to take action on their own. Together, these 2017 emotional health and wellness initiatives will help us improve our freighting and greater Tucson community.

The 2018 Firefighter Wellness Campaign

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The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation launched the Wellness Campaign to help us keep our services 100% free for our first responders. Our new Skin Cancer and Crisis support services are enabling us to make Firefighter Wellness our #1 Priority.

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