The Fire Foundation’s Counseling & Crisis Services

The Great Tucson Fire Foundation provides emotional and psychological health support of our first responders. We’re taking steps to increase awareness about the problem and improving access for all of our First Responders.

Supporting the psychological health and well being of our Firefighters and First Responders one of the Foundation’s top priorities.

In May 2017, the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation launched a new Crises Prevention hotline to provide faster support in times of crisis. We also launched our fire responder education series and PTSD support program to provide educational and awareness building to better understand and identify potential crises and issues before they occur.

Our vision is to ensure that every firefighter and first responder receives the help and support they need. The generous support of our community and donors makes our great work possible. Join our campaign as we build a better support system for our Firefighting Community.

The effects of PTSD don’t go away when the day ends.

Research shows that the pressure and on the job stress experienced by first responders is cumulative. shows that the most the negative effect of on the job and worsen over time.

Starting in We’re working with NATAL, the provider of PTSD support services for soldiers in the Israel Army, to improve our and members and their families) in the Israel army, Fire Found.

Join us helping the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation build awareness and support our Firefighting community!


We’re proactively encouraging our Firefighters to take advantage of confidential and no cost wellness and counseling services. We’re also creating a new online assessment for PTSD and other symptoms that are increasingly common among firefighters, first responders, and their families.

At the same time, the Foundation is actively working to lower the stigma associated with PTSD and encourage our first responders to take action on their own. Together, these 2017 emotional health and wellness initiatives will help us improve our freighting and greater Tucson community.

The 2018 Firefighter Wellness Campaign

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The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation launched the Wellness Campaign to help us keep our services 100% free for our first responders. Our new Skin Cancer and Crisis support services are enabling us to make Firefighter Wellness our #1 Priority.

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