The Fire Foundation’s Cancer Prevention Program

The Fire Foundation is leading the way with our recently launched First Responder cancer prevention program. The Foundations new DermaSpecta skin cancer machine and our cardiac screening will help fight two of the leading health risks to our firefighters.

The Fire Foundation will provide over 1,800 Arizona firefighters with free skin cancer testing and cardiac screenings, helping to prevent two of of the leading causes of death among First Responders.

The Tucson Fire Foundation recently spent over $100,000 to build it’s skin cancer prevention capability. Starting in May of 2017, The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation will join only two other organizations nationally – the Mayo Clinic and Walter Reed Memorial Hospital – that offers cancer screening with DermSpectra technology. Through our newly purchased equipment, we’ll be able to more effectively diagnose skin cancer and enable earlier treatment.

The southwest is number has the highest rate of skin cancer in US and is number two worldwide, behind only Perth Australia. Skin cancer is most prevalent cancer among firefighters, who are three time more likely than general population to get skin cancer. As the Fire Foundation welcomes it’s first DermaSpecta screening in May 2017, were encouraging our community to join our 2017 Wellness campaign and help us provide skin cancer screening at no cost to our over 1,800 firefighter.

Heart Disease is the #1 Killer for Firefighters.

The Fire foundation provides Ultra Sounds and other cardiac screening care for at risk and firefighter's over age 45.

There are a range of factors that lead to poor cardiac health and ultimately heart disease, which continue to be the leading cause of death for our Firefighters. Stress, lack of sleep, and even poor diet can lead to hear related ailments.

We’re proactively working to improve cardiac health for our firefighters and working to reverse this trend.

Taking the Lead in Southern Arizona
on Preventative Health

The Greater Tucson Fire Foundations is building a better preventative health program. With our new DermaSpectra program and cardiac screenings, our goal is to significantly lower the number of our firefighters who experience cardiac and skin cancer related helath problems.

Firefighters are at least three times more likely than general public to get skin cancer. Toether with our partner Wellness America and with the support from the Pima County Fire Chiefs Association, we’re excited to lead the way and help our firefighers prevent health problems before they arise

The 2018 Firefighter Wellness Campaign

Invite a Friend to
Join the Campaign!

The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation launched the Wellness Campaign to help us keep our services 100% free for our first responders. Our new Skin Cancer and Crisis support services are enabling us to make Firefighter Wellness our #1 Priority.

But we can do it without you. Join the campaign today and show your support.