About Us

Honoring the past, embracing the present, and inspiring the future.

The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation works to assist our fire-service community with unmet needs in the area of advanced training, technology, survivor’s help, education campaigns, firefighter health and wellness, and other support services. We are a non-profit organization, dedicated to supporting the 1,700 firefighters who serve and protect more than 1 million residents of metropolitan Tucson.


Our Vision: To be the premier community organization working to provide access to needed resources for our greater Tucson firefighters and families.

Our Mission: Assess and respond to unmet needs of the greater Tucson firefighter community by facilitating access to health and wellness resources, while recognizing Firefighting/EMS heritage and culture.


With ever-increasing demands from virtually every sector of the community, local government/fire district budgets seldom adequately fund more than bare necessities.

Local jurisdictions’ priorities are to keep firehouse doors open, minimally maintain and train enough firefighters to serve the area’s growing population, and provide a support structure enabling firefighters to respond in a timely and efficient manner. Unfortunately, advances in technology and new equipment demands frequently go unmet or are delayed.

One of the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation’s commitments is to provide a bridge between firefighters’ needs and the limits of public spending.

For more than 100 years, area firefighters have answered the call to save lives and protect property in Tucson and surrounding communities. Today, we serve firefighters throughout Southern Arizona — from the fast-growing desert town of Marana, north of Tucson … all the way south to the rolling grasslands of Sierra Vista — and from Tohono O’odham tribal land west of Tucson … and through the city east to the rural town of Vail.

We strive to nurture and maintain a strong working relationship with members of the professional firefighting community. Local guidance and expertise will assist the Foundation in determining funding allocations.

The Foundation works with community partners to determine and assess critical funding needs on a regular basis.

As a cultural organization, we support research, collection, interpretation, and presentation of the rich history of firefighting in Tucson. The information is shared with the public and new fire personnel through exhibitions, physical and online collections, publications and other special programs.

Our Mission
Assess and respond to unmet needs of the greater Tucson firefighter community by facilitating access to health and wellness resources while recognizing firefighting culture and heritage

Our Vision
To be known as the community entity that works to provide access to needed resources for firefighters and families in the greater Tucson area.

Guiding Principle and Credo:
– Honoring the past, embracing the present and engaging the future.
– Our Values
– Fiscally Responsible
– Accountable
– Inclusive
– Supportive
– Innovative
– Collaborative
– Non-Partisan Advocate

The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation Board of Trustees establishes policies and procedures, and provides active and ongoing oversight of the three Foundation components:  endowment, fundraising and distribution. We are working to create a stable, fiscally transparent,  responsible and long-term organization.

– We were founded in 2010 and are a 501-c3 nonprofit corporation with tax id # 273155431

– Endowment fund professionally managed by the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona