Supporting the health and wellness of the Greater Tucson Firefighting Community.

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We’re here to help build a healthier community

Learn about all the ways that the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation is supporting our firefighters, their families, and the EMT community throughout the Greater Tucson area.

Cardiac Health & Cancer Prevention

The No. 1 killer of firefighters is cardiovascular disease. In fact, heart disease is responsible for nearly 50% of on-duty firefighter deaths according to a 2007 study by Dr. Stefanos N. Kales of Harvard Medical School. Research also found that first ...

Peer Fitness & Firefighting Preparedness

Our peer fitness and group preparation programs help minimize on the job injuries and improve long term health....

Counseling, Support, and Suicide Prevention Services

The Foundation and it's partners provide real time real time crises support and counseling to support our firefighters who are suffering from stress related ailments or PTSD....

Building Awareness in the Greater Tucson Area and Far Beyond.

The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation is taking the lead to build awareness for the heath needs of our firefighting community. We're helping to spread the word and set a new standard in healthcare and wellness....

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Make your impact by supporting the Greater Tucson Firefighter Foundation. With your help, we’re leading the way in improving our support and healthcare services throughout the greater Tucson area community.